Results & Outputs

Democratic rights study

Study on the legal rights of young people with intellectual disabilities both at national and European levels regarding their access to democracy, voting rights, representation in public forums, etc.

Study Report on the situation of young people with intellectual disabilities regarding their democratic rights and active role in society

This Study Report compiles the study on democratic rights; the conclusions drawn from focus groups, and the compilation of good practices.

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Collection of Good Practices and Policy Recommendations

The Collection of good practices seeks to inspire other young people with intellectual disabilities or organisations working with them to implement similar activities that promote the active role in society of youth with intellectual disabilities.

Good Practices Manual

Three good practices per country are included in the collection of good practices. These good practices are about the promotion of active citizenship and democratic rights of young people with intellectual disabilities.

Training modules for young people with ID and their trainers

This training provides the necessary tools for trainers to work with youth people with disabilities in the topic. During the beginning of the second year, youth people involved in the project will participate in a national training, which will allow them to acquire the skills to participate in safe spaces to influence youth policies.

Final Report

The final report brings all of our results and conclusions together in one place.